Agroinnovate is a Social Movement by Green Eagles Agribusiness Solutions Ltd with the primary goal of creating sustainable income and eradicating hunger in Nigeria through the creation of a social economy based on food.

Earn Monthly Income for Life with Agroinnovate

Traditionally, buying food takes money out of your pocket. But in our world, you earn money every time you buy food. Our unique program reduces the multiple layers of cost that make foodstuff expensive and shares a portion of this saving with members and farmers in a way that guarantees profits for farmers and consistently cheaper foodstuff for buyers. Portions of the profit made from facilitating the process is to be redistributed as monthly incentives.

Each member sponsors a minimum of five (5) people to the network who will also introduce five (5) people each. A buyer will qualify for bonuses for up to seven levels of downlines.

Every member must start with a minimum purchase of N5,000 worth of foodstuff, and after that, make a MINIMUM FOOD PURCHASE OF N5,000 MONTHLY.

Otherwise, the income for that month will be forfeited. Three consecutive months of inactivity will result in the loss of a member’s position on the network.

A member can introduce as many people as he/she wants. However, every new person registered after the first five will be placed under his/her downline to fill the empty spaces available at their lower downline levels. However, he/she will earn a matching bonus for every person directly introduced.